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FOX News
Oct 5, 2012 3:00pm PDT
. missouri congressman todd akin is trying to defeat clare mccaskill despite condemnation about rape and abortion. correspondent steve brown tells us where that race stands right now. >> this race is not over. i -- i'm not assuming anything. >> senator clare mccaskill is nothing if not careful. she's maintained a safe distance from fellow democrat president obama who's not popular in her home state. and the missouri senator hovers just a bit more than two points above republican congressman todd akin in the real clear politics average of show-me state senate polling. on undecideds are eyebrow raising 10%. >> this is probably two-thirds pro republican undecided so there's enough there, i think, for akin to make up the difference, if he gets the help he needs. >> help has been in short supply in the last three weeks since his gaffe about quote, legitimate rape. and shunned by national republican leaders including mitt romney. >> basically we lift the barn and they put the barn on top of us. in suburban st. charles county. it's not akin folks are mad at. >> we've probably had nor people
Oct 23, 2012 5:00pm EDT
clare mccaskill anded to akin. they rank this rice as likely democratic. it's just under an hour. ♪ ♪ >> good evening and welcome to the u.s. senate debate. my name is mike bush, i will be the moderator for the evening. we need to thank the presenting event sponsor the law firm. st. louis public radio, 90.7, and the st. louis business journal. we're televising this live to the affiliates across missouri. ky tv in springfield and colombia and st. louis public radio is doing the same. the broadcast is also being streamed live and stl public we also invite you to take part on social media. our hashtag on twitter is mosen. our appreciation to the police and fire department as well as the school district of clayton for hosting the event. before we begin i would like to review the format. each candidate will give a throw minute opening statement and a three minutes closing statement. our panel of media response or so will ask question of the candidates. both candidates will respond to the same question, and have one and a half minutes to do so. rebuttal will be at the di
Oct 7, 2012 7:00am EDT
money. right now clare mccaskill is out-spending him 10-1. host: let's take a look at this claire mccaskill campaign ad. >> he said he did not like social security. he said medicare was unconstitutional. on the 16th of march, he said he wants to abolish the minimum wage. on april 21 he said he would eliminate student loans. on august 19, he said that only some rapes are legitimate. what will he say next? host: claire mccaskill campaign ad, quoting him, but not actually playing his audio. what do you make of ads like this? guest: there is no reason to play it, everyone knows it. some republicans have said that he made a mistake and spoke at a turn and that he did not mean it. the democrats said that he did mean it and that is his feeling about pregnancy. we also talked about abortions performed on women who are not pregnant. lots of controversial things. democrats say that this is exactly the guy they want to run against. then there are those who firmly believed in taught taken and people who say that their mccaskill does not represent missouri. guest of this is from " me -- host o
Oct 22, 2012 11:00pm EDT
caskill voted to pass it. there is a reason for this record of failure and that is because obama and mccaskill have a deep and abiding faith big government is the solution to every problem and that's why they couldn't fulfill their record. now, clare has gone to washington, d.c. and she's brought red tape and taxes and all kinds of bureaucracy and executive orders and she doesn't understand that these big government solutions to out freedom. now, what i would suggest is that you could bring me to washington, d.c. ennis dennett so that we could take the misery to the, every common sense back to d.c. without a lot of bureaucracy. cut down the taxes and the red tape in the bureaucracy and build an american dream, build the american family once again to be strong and restore a bright hope for our future. thank you very much. i look forward to joining you in the rest of the debate. .. akin: >> we're facing quite a number of problems. first there's the problem of the sequestration. another 10% cut to defense. the largest tax increase in the history of the country, and i think the solution has to be
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)